Be Heard.

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" Neither caution nor decorum
should dictate our choices when it comes to making ourselves heard.
For too long we have adhered to the rules set forth for us.
But not anymore. 

Let our outrage be our language.
Let our fury be our eloquence.
Let our grief be our truth.

We will tell the stories of the women who came before us.
We will tell the tales of the women who stand with us.
We will enable the women who come after us.

We are taking back our narrative.

We will pen our revolution "

For years we’ve been told to “be seen, not heard”, to “know your place”, to “hold your tongue”. For years we have forced composure and caution in order to be taken seriously.

But it is clear that we can’t be governed by the old rules anymore. We need to find our voices and use them. We need to speak for ourselves. We need to speak for others, particularly those that cannot speak for themselves. We need to do what we can to usher in change, so we can right the wrongs that were committed in the past, so we can take action in the present, and prevent these wrongs from being done in the future.

I know that years of conditioning have instilled fear in us and make the words stick in our throats. But empowerment only begins when we decide we know the power and worth of our voices. So, speak, scream, shout, roar. We will make them listen. We will be heard.

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