What’s holding you back


What comes to your mind when someone says ‘like a girl’? You walk ‘like a girl’, talk ‘like a girl’, throw ‘like a girl’…. Is it an image depicting weakness that comes to mind, or is it an image depicting strength?

Moving on up!


When we say women need to be empowered, what is the aspect of empowerment that comes to your mind? Empowerment is multi-faceted and can range from economic empowerment and social empowerment to gender empowerment and legal empowerment.

Work it


More women than ever before are now juggling both family and work. According to a study conducted earlier this year, a global average of 54% are working mothers. That’s a pretty high number!

Finding my place


My calling to Australia was a strange one. I feel actually Australia chose me than the other way around. While I didn’t have anything against Australia, I thought all the rules and regulations to enter the country was over the top.

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