Don’t be afraid to stand up

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We’ve all been in situations in our lives where we see something wrong  happening, but we are too afraid or shy to stand up for it and make it right, it could be because we are afraid of how humiliation will bring a downfall on our reputation or how others will judge us from there onwards. It’s true, we can’t right all the wrong in this world, but we can right the wrongs that happen around us.


In a Stone Age society where Women are judged for making the simplest dent in society’s stereotype, it’s quite challenging for us to be Bold and strike forward. But what if I simply told you, who cares? Who cares how society is going judge you? Who cares what they will make of your reputation? Who cares if they spread rumours about you?


If you hate to see wrong being given the VIP pass to go on happening every day, whether its Sexism, Racism or even discrimination on absurd grounds, then why not step up, gather your attitude and stand up for what’s right? If advocates like Martin Luther King Jr and Abraham Lincoln didn’t stand up for what’s right, Racism, Discrimination and Slavery would still be acceptable even today. Think about it. Did Malala Yousafzai accept her fate as a Pakistani woman and do nothing? Look how bold and brave she was to go against society’s stereotype and fight for the rights of female education, she was not afraid to show people, to show society that status quo was wrong and it HAD to be made right.


If you see, or even hear someone give a sexist remark or even stereotype women, say it’s a colleague, your grandma or even a small child, walk up to them, make it clear that what they said was wrong and make it right at that same time. If you experience sexism in the workplace, be bold and brave enough to walk up to your boss and tell him/her about it, if someone throws a sexist comment at you, don’t keep your mouth shut because women are supposed to be dainty, speak up, yell, slam your hands on the desk, heck, go ahead and punch that person (metaphorically) or even just sit there and throw a nasty yet classy sarcastic comment so that person will be roasted till the end of their life, your choices are endless. You never know, you’ll look behind you and see all the other women in the workplace stand up for you, support you and worship you because YOU spoke up for something which all of them were too afraid to point out, YOU showed them that the wrong CAN be made right, YOU are now a role model.


If you’re like me, someone who can’t watch the wrong thing going around and around and around in circles so much that it becomes a constant nudge on you every time you see it happen, Girl, get out there and fix it. I don’t care if there’s a hundred or even a thousand people staring at me while I stand up for my and my fellow women’s rights, I know that I’m doing the right thing and that’s all I need to reassure myself. People will later see you and be like, “That’s her, she’s the one who did blah blah blah and yelled at blah blah blah, my god look how embarrassing that is”, Honey, that aint my damn problem, keep your comments to yourself, it’s nice to know you think of me so much!


If your Heart tells you that you are doing the right thing, you don’t need to have second thoughts. Go ahead and make a change in society, you never know who you will inspire and make an impact on, who knows? Primary school girls might even talk about you for their morning speech, moms will tell their children about you. If you see something wrong in the world that has not been addressed at all by anyone so far, go and point it out, raise awareness, bring people out of their caves who are too suppressed by invisible norms to express themselves. Slavery and Racism were normal things until someone had to point out they were not. If nobody is willing to do it, then why not YOU? If Esmeralda stood up for Quasimodo and her people while the whole of Paris was watching, then why can’t you?


Ditch the doubt, embrace the attitude and strike with your Heart.


“Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

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