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It amazes me… Since the beginning of the ol’ days, there wasn’t a ‘’chip-meteorite’’

or a box of ‘’Electricity’’ from outer space to earth, to start the modernized


I’ve always been childishly curious, not the kinda curiosity based on doubt –

rather on creation to get bigger, to become better.

‘’Where does it come from’’ – Is the question where every creative experience

starts for me. At 8 years old, my dad gave me a dinosaur-book. Instead of looking

at names and sizes, I was looking for brothers and sisters – the dinosaur family


One thing that always has been clear to me – everything is an accumulation

If we couldn’t speak, there was no phone.

If we were alone, there was no love to give.

If we could fly, we weren’t running all the time.

You see, everything happens for a reason. And when the reason is happening

humans look outside the happening to clarify the reason.

With all cruelty in the world, humans sit down and get detached from others,

because there, in cruelty, there is NO reason. Reason can be the answer or

question – sometimes it’s neither.

When happiness becomes a realization in the moment, there is almost this diving

experience of purity – True beauty. The kinda beauty we see in a one-minute old

baby – but then in an experience, created by feeling and emotions expressed with

love and gratitude.

How many of those moments have you taken for granted? Or you might have

realized the realization when it became a past experience.

Language is something unique, especially the first language you speak. To me it’s

the art of repetition – the mother of skill. The mind is empty and we repeat what

our caretakers are saying, isn’t it? Although the construction and sound of the

vibration are the same within a language – meaning is not.

Carefully and tactfully I envisioned the belief that, although understably, each

individual creates its own language.

Can we agree that, when a thought occurs, our brain/mind set our senses and

body in motion: action .

And that, that action is perceptual?


Going back to my curiosity. When you were young there was this journey in tunnel

vision. Each experience, good or bad – makes that vision wider and wider.

You learn about standards, ethics, rituals, principles, beliefs – of your

environment. At a sudden moment you feel something, this feeling that the whole

environment with all elements, just mentioned – are outside of you.

And you take the within, what you feel is reality and actually been there from the

very beginning of your being, as your identity.

Identity is not something that ever can be expressed, named, labeled or

described – it’s something that is being felt.

Sometimes only a very small piece of that intrinsic experience, the identity, is in

the environment where is brought up in. Most of the time the identity is not there,

in that environment. Doubt, hesitation and fear of loss makes you stay in that

incongruent environment and some will never explore their journey to find that

true identity.

What I realized in my journey, the true identity is fading away by staying there – in

that incongruent environment

OR – about to be revealed when the environment is changed – when you make the

bold decision to change it..

As my mentor says: change is either one of two things – something new comes

into your life or something new comes out of you.

It’s like a countless amount of keys in your hand and only by exploring new

experiences you can find YOUR right key. Never let someone else choose our key,

because it’ll unlock a door where you don’t need to go – and even more

importantly: where you don’t want to go.


From a spaceship women are not a minority group. There might even be a

chance that there are more women than men. Though, true measurement

happens in identity, experience and feelings – belief. And since those components

are perceptual you can own your success-story, or failure – by the point of view,

how you look to it.

[It takes true courage to see the success over failures, whether it’s your

past-,present- or future story.]

Unfortunately, when we zoom in, the once optimistically taken view, from the

spaceship, it becomes a fairytale with momentarily a bad chapter being told.

Just to clarify, my curiosity didn’t happened by looking at facts – it has always

been about opportunity and execution.

The first one: Opportunity.

Like I said, the fairytale called life, is at a bad chapter and of course there are

many minority groups in many communities. It’s about seeing the deeper

meaning of the minority groups within women. Women are the seeds of growth,

the minerals of water and the pearls in shells. All of them can endure heavy

circumstances, but are lost and forgotten if they’re not discovered and

acknowledged for that purity.

Once we can all, as a universal belief recognize the purity of that beauty – stage

one will be completed, for once and for all.

Objective two: Execution! There is no single man, woman, child, leader, country or

continent that writes the whole fairytale.

Each individual around and within MOTHER earth has a letter to contribute –

what’s life without the letter L. Well, you got the point.

Only when WE, collectively from our true identity in the light of our Creator,

whatever that means to you – contribute.

We can and we will close this chapter and stare endless until eternity to the

chapter that we all desire so deeply: ‘’ And they lived a happily ever after’’.

I promise, that will never be taken for granted. It will require hard work and

determination from our children to come.

Wouldn’t you be proud, to be part of writing this chapter?


The light of YOU is needed and requested to realize this, I guarantee and

promise you this; you will look back to a life well-lived.

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