Arleana Waller

Arleana Waller, the award winning ShePOWER Ambassador, Speaker, Author, Advisor, Advocate, Humanitarian and Entrepreneur empower individuals to find and own their voice while giving power to their influence.


Arleana Waller, the award winning ShePOWER Ambassador, Speaker, Author, Advisor,  Advocate, Humanitarian and Entrepreneur empower individuals to find and own their voice  while giving power to their influence.


Arleana personifies creativity, inspiration and leadership, founder, visionary, and CEO of the ShePOWER Global brand, which house ShePower Leadership Academy, ShePower Global  Network, ShePublish and ShePower Mastermind Dinner Series. Waller is the author of multiple  books, speaker for prestigious clients, universities, and FORTUNE 500 organizations, including New York Life, Farmers Insurance, McDonalds, Verizon, Moet & Chandon, Saks Fifth Avenue, Jaguar, Envy Apple, Church of Christ, UEI College, Bakersfield City School District and California State University Bakersfield to name a few.

Serving on multiple executive boards, member Forbes Coaches Council, Black CEO Women  Council, Global Goodwill Ambassador and ShePower Global Network. Arleana is the recipient of multiple elected official recognitions and awards such as the Inspirational Award, Diversity Award, Woman of the Year Award, nominated for Beautiful Bakersfield Humanitarian Award and California SBDC Small Business of the Year Award, which is a testament to her engaging and inspirational influence in the largest county in California and beyond.   Arleana’s mission is to empower one million women and girls globally to own her ShePOWER, without apology.


But her most reward accomplishment is simply being mom to her two sons and helping young  girls navigate their way through life. That’s when she’s at her best.



1.What is your definition of women empowerment?

My definition of women empowerment is inviting her PERSONAL SHEPOWER to the forefront.


Empowered women are the key to economic growth, political stability, and social  transformation. When women are empowered they succeed. They own their power and become agents of change. They change their “I can’t” to “I can” because they are empowered.

2.What motivated you to get involved in being inspirational for change?

I wanted to be the change I wanted to see in my community. I came to a city that was gravely lacking visual inspiration for women who looked like me, for everyday women and girls.  There are so many women who inspired me who were change agents in the world, so I knew I could inspire change.


I wanted my inspiration to rub off on others around me, so that we could make a bigger difference in our community and the world. I wanted to norm of average girls not  succeeding to change. I know the difference between success and failure is an opportunity. I wanted to create a visual platform to connect everyday women with great opportunities. Change was my motivation to be inspirational.

3.What are some key characteristics of an empowered person?

A strong, empowered woman presence is undeniable and it’s not just her beauty. She knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to go after it. Empowerment in a woman is a moment to moment journey and it truly rest on each decision she makes. When a woman is empowered she makes decisions from inner strength, which allows her to create a better life, and ultimately, contribute to a more empowered gender.

Some of her key characteristics are:

a.)  She owns her stuff, good and bad. An empowered woman knows that to own her power, she has to own her sh*t and not have a victim mentality.

b.)  She dances to the beat of her own drum. She makes her own rules. She decides who she wants to be and what legacy she wants to leave, and who will be a part of her journey.

c.)  She lives by her Inner compass. She trusts her intuition and isn’t afraid to own it. She doesn’t say I don’t know, because she does. She’s in constant communication with her heart. She knows when something doesn’t feel right and when it does. She completely trusts her inner voice, because she has a personal relationship with it.

d.)  She Chooses empowering relationships. She surrounds herself with high quality people who really see her and support her greatest good. She doesn’t lower her standards.

e.)  She Empowers other women. She knows that there is more than enough space and shine for all women to win.

f.)  She owns her pleasures. She knows that she deserves to receive massive measures of pleasures in many forms because it brings more fulfillment and balance to her life.

g.)  She owns her ShePower without apology.

4.What can leaders or individuals interested in advocacy do to facilitate empowerment?

First you have to be passionate about what you choose to invest your energies to advocate. Be prepared to roll your sleeves up and work. Here are a few steps.


Research the issue

  • How do people feel about the issue?
  • How does the issue link or divide different segments of the community?
  • What political forces are influencing decision-makers?
  • What will it take to gain support?
  • What are the resources available for addressing the issue?
  • What is the history of the issue in your community?


Use a few advocacy tactics

  • Conduct advocacy research
  • Provide education and encouragement (i.e., public support, reframe the debate)
  •  Conduct a direct-action campaign (e.g., write letters, lobby decision makers, conduct a public hearing, organize a boycott, electronic advocacy)
  • Use media advocacy (i.e., making friends with the media, creating newsworthy stories)

5.What advice would you give to those who want to give up due to a lack of empowered feeling, thinking and action? (e.g. What is an important first step)

I would first be honest and transparent to connect at a real level and share with them, I too have wanted to give up, many times.  So much rejection and so much failure, overwhelmed me at times. Fighting for change as a woman has positioned me at times to question my purpose, my passion and my journey. But, after a stint of crying and letting it all out, I knew that giving up wasn’t an option, someone, somewhere was depending on me to show up in my life to get them through their rough patch. So, I have to keep fighting and never give up.

No one’s perfect. Most of all, the people you look up to, have been at a low point before, so I would remind them, that they are not alone and can make it to the happy side.


I would tell them to make sure they have a mentor. A mentor is a difference maker. They help you with your plan for life.


I would tell them that the low points in their life can be like driving a race car without a steering wheel, put on the seatbelt and enjoyed the ride to the best of their ability. They will run over stuff. They will hit walls. They will crash in the rain. But, they have to enjoy the ride
and be able to laugh at themselves, because they didn’t die in the crash, just a few bruises.


I would tell them to ask the Big Question.  What’s the worst that can happen? You try again and fail yet again?


I would tell them to pay attention to their bodies. Your body tells you a lot of things. It’s not just your brain that tells you to give up; it’s your entire body. Sit up straight. Talk with confidence even when you have no reason to.  Giving up is in the way you use your body and not only about what you are thinking. So be aware if your body language is negative or confident.

I would tell her to take all the energy she is using towards giving up and redirect it into inspiring others through her gift. Giving up takes energy so she might as well put that energy to good use.


Whatever your reasons are for giving up, it’s because you’ve convinced yourself it’s too difficult to continue on. It’s not that bad dear.


My son was in a frozen seizure five days
Nine family members dies in 18 months
My dad and brother died within 2 months of each other
I lost $30,000, stolen from an escrow account.
I’ve had hiccups but I kept fighting.


I’ve hit lows, and seriously could have given up. Did I? No freaking way. All those situations are unpleasant, but things are never as bad as you think they are. Someone else out there has way worse problems than you. So, fight, find your ShePower and know someone is depending on you to show up in your life.

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