Jennifer Jarosik

Jennifer Jarosik is a rising star in today’s world of multimedia. In addition to being a published poet, a children’s books author, and a documentary producer, Jarosik is noted as the host of the television show Star Spirit for Hulu in America, where she has candid interviews with noted celebrity guests regarding their outlook on life challenges, success and spirituality.


Jennifer Jarosik is a rising star in today’s world of multimedia. In addition to being a published poet, a children’s books author, and a documentary producer, Jarosik is noted as the host of the television show Star Spirit for Hulu in America, where she has candid interviews with noted celebrity guests regarding their outlook on life challenges, success and spirituality. Among recent guests on her show was legendary American talent manager, Hollywood film agent, and producer Shep Gordon, who was the main subject in the feature documentary Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon directed by Mike Myers. As an author, Jarosik’s writing is often inspirational and soul searching. Her first poetry book Amuse Yourself has been very well received, garnering glowing reviews from numerous readers. Following on its success, Jarosik’s second poetry book Conversations with Silence is presently being prepared of publication.

While her poetry is reflective, inspiring deeper thought, Jarosik’s series of 70 children’s books entitled Wisdom Teachings of Animals have fun and endearing animal characters, and are filled with humor, heart, and compassion, which teach life lessons to young readers. Her children’s books have received attention from publishers in America, the UK, Australia, and Germany. The first book in the series, Magical Dakota Little Two Dogs, was published in early 2016 and is available in retailers worldwide. Ever busy with projects, Jarosik is also currently producing the documentary feature Unveiling the Rose. It is an ambitious undertaking on overcoming internal and external challenges, which led Jarosik to travel the world to interview international celebrities from Russell Simmons to Marianne Williamson and Nobel Prize nominees and winners. At her core, Jen – as her friends fondly call her – is just a simple girl, who was raised on a farm in a small Nebraskan town. She attended Hastings College and the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. She enjoys the outdoors and lives an active lifestyle practicing yoga to maintain her overall fitness and health. She is passionate about helping others, especially women to find their voice and discover themselves. Perhaps Jarosik puts it best in her own words.

“I’m just a girl from Nebraska. What I am learning most is that it’s not what you do, but how you do it. Do what you love. Accomplish your goals. Get to know oneself, and that voice, where you get a glimpse of God through silence, is truly a gift. Nothing outside can give you this much happiness or take it away. I love people and assisting humanity as I can.”




1.What is your definition of women empowerment?

My definition of women’s empowerment is one of many facets. Yet, really only one truly defines this. To begin, I believe that women have been supressed for centuries. Growing up in America I know I am blessed in so many ways than other women around the country. I visited Agra, India in February to read my kid’s book to the kids at Indian dreams foundation, it was brought to my attention the crucial issue of women’s health and hygiene. I had no idea of what these girls go through and what lack of knowledge they have of why they even have a period. I sat with them and explained what a gift it is to be a woman and to be on our cycle. And how it is the time where we are most in our power, most intuitive, and preparing our body like nature for the rose to bloom. The rose is this essence of a woman, the divine feminine of love which is the healing force whose voice and body has been excluded and supressed for too long. My eyes and heart were opened and I cannot turn back. I am a global ambassador for Indian dreams foundation and I asked the founders that the men need also to be educated. Part of female empowerment is also for us to use our voice to make light of what’s been in the dark. Men do not understand women, especially little boys with girls on their cycle. They have shunned them and made the feel like they are a disease. I say the cure is compassion, love and empowering women to see we are all alike and that is a wonderful blessing to be a woman. I also see women friends in other countries who are covered up, full bodies and not able to wear freely what they would choose. Or being controlled in a patriarchal society where men call the shots in governments, jobs, families. I say we empower the women to have freedom to speak how they choose to live their life and how their bodies are treated. That there be more of a gender egalitarianism not only society but in economically being paid same wages for same job which there is not one country in the world that has this. To answer the one thing that is what I believe women empowerment is , is that as one awakens to the truth of who one is and becomes self-empowered, then it is like a ripple effect, or a contagious disease which cause a fire to burn in our hearts to assist others to find their power and voice.

2.What motivated you to get involved in being inspirational for change?

I was inspired to get involved with creating a change and to inspire other women by accident. I was sitting at home on the couch with my 5 year old son Dakota. I was reading a book called the goddess shift, about women leading for a change in the world. As single mother, depressed, and not feeling empowered or even with a dream my friend suggest we film it. He said we can interview these women and find out their journey. How did they get to where there are or be who they are and what challenges do they have? This will be part of my healing and empowerment. I said no way!! My ego wanted something else for my life, not to share what was going through. As I said yes a few. As I said yes a few months later, doors opened and I found myself travelling the world meeting amazing women healers, motivational speakers as Marianne Williamson, and even men as Russell Simmons and David lynch speaking on happiness and the goddess. The goddess is my docu drama on the story of discovering and embodying the goddess within by meeting 7 women in history (goddesses) who share universal messages for my healing and empowerment and assisting others in the same.

3.What are some key characteristics of an empowered person?

Some characteristics of an empowered person are I believe in the eye of the beholder, but again, most importantly in how you feel about yourself. When I was young I looked up to movie star women, and of recent women like Oprah who is doing soulful and heartful work. Yet I also saw that they too struggled behind the scenes of the camera image with the image of who they are, both internal and external. In my own struggles of trying to be someone other than who I was, or to accomplish something to be known or accepted, or being excluded by jealous people who hurt me deeply, including family, lovers, and colleagues I have discovered that the persons I truly wanted to be like was myself, the girl I once knew who was happy, creative, and spreading love and inspiration to people. And the sought out of being accepted sent me further from this girl, woman. The people I believe who have the most characteristics of empowerment are not the successful famous ones, or the wealthy ones necessarily though there are some who are, but the true quality of who they are remaining intact and this being the truth of inspiring others to also re discover this. So many people I have met who hone this trait are simple people who live simply so others can simply live. They are content with themselves, loving, giving souls living their highest life. Some are mothers, some are teachers, and some are famous like Oprah who I believe is doing the greatest service by sharing her struggles. This to me is one who embodies empowerment not just is given the word.

4.What can leaders or individuals interested in advocacy do to facilitate empowerment?

I believe that leaders or people interested in advocacy for empowerment can do several things to inspire others and make a difference. Again, it comes down to being the change you wish to see. So in order for one to portray this and assist in truth, one can only really only do this as one embodies the empowerment. Like peace, one can go to conferences, yoga, meditation etc. but if one is other than a peaceful person it will only last for so long. Same with one’s life of empowerment. It doesn’t have to be grandiose it can be as simple as taking personal responsibility for one’s own happiness, one’s own peace, and speaking one’s truth, find the inner voice even if it upsets others or ones culture or religion. The next step is for those who wish to make a global change, start a blog, join women’s conferences like heart talk, women’s economic forum, all and use media to reach the masses.

5.What advice would you give to those who want to give up due to a lack of empowered feeling, thinking and action? (e.g. What is an important first step)

My advice to those who want to give up due to lack of empowerment, thinking and feeling is to give up. You’re probably wondering what I mean by this. Well, for years I have felt disempowered, from the thinking to feeling to believing this was who I am or my life. No matter what I did, how many healers, or friends I sought for advice, or what to do to change this feeling I could not get the other empowerment thoughts and feelings to stick. I tried so hard to escape my deep sadness and feelings of unworthiness, lack of love etc. I practiced yoga, I went on trips, I met amazing people, travelled the world and yet at the end of the day it was a feeling of who I was that haunted me. In time I have learned to surrender. As one awakens to truth of who one is, one is not the thinking or feeling so its having a perception that allows one to have a gap between this label one has given oneself , and especially one that others has given them. The emotions came and went. My thinking like rubbish in the wind went from positive to lowest low. And eventually got lower and lower until I stopped trying, I stopped fighting the truth. We are not that the emotions are not good to have. I say the emotions are necessary, the sadness, the grief, the lack, all of it is like a storm. If you face it will eventually pass. So I cried and I felt what I felt. Yet knowing it was a part of me based upon my experience that led me to this place. And I surrendered. I began to embrace me instead of feeling there was something wrong with me. Maybe being sensitive is not wrong. Maybe it was wrong to deny the truth of feeling and thinking. And from this place slowly I began to realize that exist beyond this, like the sun and the thoughts and feelings were simply clouds. Even happy thoughts and thinking can be deceiving. A peace began to occur within me, a love from the inside and a grace of god that gets me still to this day through the tough days. So my greatest advice is to give up trying to change what you are feeling or thinking, accept it, observe it and give a new perception to make changes from the inside out.

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