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Career guidance & personality development


The rate of unemployment in a country can drastically affect the economy.  Today’s millennials are faced with the challenge of an excess of supply due to a lack of demand for graduates. There are so many graduates on the job hunt, looking for the perfect fit, yet not finding it despite a good education.

The reason for this is perhaps the fact that employers today are keen to pick those with more than just a good education. The requirement is more all-rounder these days- a right attitude, strong personality and a people orientated demeanor is on the wanted list of traits for a successful candidate.

Even then, the job hunt may be easy for those who are the right fit, but the real challenge starts when you realize the need is to make a career out of it.

Often it becomes a crucial time, a crossroad perhaps, for young women right after graduation- torn between the contemplation of career and family.

Well, the good news is that we believe you don’t need to make a choice; we believe you could have both with success! There doesn’t have to be a trade off!

The trick however, is to choose the absolute ideal career path- it needs to be something you are so passionate and personal about; this is what makes the big difference.

After all, if you love what you do, you don’t have to work a day in your life!


Welcome to Corporate – Fast track orientation course


In today’s day and age, the transition from school to university or school to work is almost immediate.

Despite a good education, a good thorough knowledge of work ethics and some sort of specialist coaching or grooming would be an ideal advantage without a doubt.

This course run together with the McQuire School of Business has been specially designed to bridge that gap and would be a best approach as a finishing school for professionalism. The course would be aimed at making graduates and school leavers, who are entering the corporate world, ready to take on the challenge with confidence and awareness.

This course, conducted for the first time in South Asia, would be a perfect opportunity for companies and graduates intending to make a career.

The modules this course would cover are as below:


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